This is a compilation of different excerpts from the Bible and the Apocrypha of women whose lives set Godly examples and give inspiration to all who read their heroic stories. Here's some more information regarding this book by Judy Greenlees:

"The role of women in the Bible has been a universal source of discussion for generations. The Abrahamic faiths which emerged from ancient biblical history have turned to the scriptures for advice and role models for women’s behaviors and purpose. In fact, the scriptures have recorded guidelines defining these things.
Viewed through the lens of culture, some writers have attempted to interpret significance of the scripture lessons and stories about women in relationship to current events. For some, the ancient stories no longer reflect the woman of today. Feminist viewpoints have explored the value of supposed freedoms, and certainly dealt headfirst with issues previously unspoken. Women have indeed suffered through cultural expectations which have produced mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, slavery, marginalization, and a host of social ills. But, the truth is that the scriptures are the source for understanding how God would have his womanly creation live life to the fullest. The ageless, compelling stories of these VIII Women of God provide rich sources of inspiration, because these are not the role models one might expect. " By Judy Greenlees