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From the windswept, rocky shoreline of the North of England to the green and rugged Scottish highlands, Jack pursues Emma with a tender passion that she shares, but fears as well. She has carried an emotional burden since the unspeakable circumstances of her childhood. For years she has shared the hurt that her parents have kept concealed. Emma has learned that she cannot be loved. In places and circumstances she least expects, she discovers the eternal love that is revealed to her, and determines to know it completely. Through the wisdom of the scriptures and the ancient Celtic prayers of her Scottish and Irish heritage, a childlike faith begins to return to her. Slowly, gradually, the forgotten seeds of trust work their way within her bruised and broken spirit. She knows that she must be healed by the Redeemer of the world. Cherished to the Utmost is a powerful testimony of the unfailing, unconditional and forgiving love of God.

Customer Reviews


Sylvie on October 3, 2015

Lovely Devotionals

The story was not very exciting but I loved many of the prayers and devotions she said and read during her retreat. They were new to me and I found them to be beautiful. I'll probably re-read them as I enjoyed them so much.


By C. Leist on September 19, 2015

Finding Love

The first sentence really grabbed me with its poignancy - sorry, but you'll have to read it to find out for yourself. It really set the stage for Emma's search for love in her life, from her dysfunctional family to being a daughter, wife and mother. You see her struggling with things in life that many of us encounter and then coming through each one sustained by her religion. The description of the scenery made you able to envision and enjoy what she was seeing. I especially liked the verses that were quoted at the end of each chapter. Each one gave hopeful meaning to what had happened.


studiojg on September 18, 2015

Read It In One Night!

The book was recommended to me. The setting and story really kept me engrossed. I found Emma to be an interesting young woman. This story is a true slice of life. It was well written, and I liked that Emma went repeatedly back to her values when her heart was broken. She returned to the Lord. I really felt like Emma was going to make it. This story made me feel spiritually strong. I am glad that I read it, and would recommend that others do, too.


By Kindle Customer on March 31, 2016

Sad that such love could die.

The age old lack of communication problem. When will we ever learn. Spiritually, God is the answer, but in reality we must live life as it is, which isn't always that easy even with God's help.


Claudia T on October 26, 2015

Emma deserves love !

From the beginning I wanted to know how Emma's story was going to unfold! Could we have more of her story?