"Cell Phone Rapture!"

In my dream I was walking up a hill to come back from swimming (like I was staying at a resort, but it felt more like a home routine) - anyway, there were other people walking up the same hill around me as well.

I was looking at my cell phone when all of the sudden the phone began to shake in my hand and it started to levitate off my hand and fell to the ground!

It was also happening to one woman that was walking behind me as well.

When I reached for it, it started to levitate off the ground and I jokingly said to myself, "Anti-gravity!"

Then the cell phone was taken up in the air and quickly disappeared into the sky!

At first I felt like, "Oh, great! Now I am without my phone!" Then I realized that this was a God Thing!

I asked the Lord at this point for my phone back and instead He showed me how high up I had to go to see where my phone was.

So He started my vantage point on the ground, then took me higher and higher - several thousand feet ascent up a cliff while I watched the vantage point on the ground quickly disappear.  I was so high up it was scary!

Before I could sense I was going any higher the dream ended.

End of Dream


I know God is grieved by how distracted humans are by technology. Humans that He created in His image in order to worship Him and Him alone!!! 1st Commandment. We seemingly can't live without it (technology) - just go in public anywhere and people of all ages are glued to their devices now more that ever! Me included.

So, how else could He get our attention when we've made these devices our "gods" except to just take them away!

My Prayer: Oh Lord I am guilty as charged - have mercy on me and help me to seek You more diligently. Glorify the precious name of Yeshua! God Dream - July 28th, 2015: "Cell Phone Rapture!"

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