From A Corporate Guy Who Left His Job To Sell On Amazon Full Time

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As a young professional, Robert Bagley climbed and overcame many corporate mountains eventually earning a high six-figure income with several Fortune 500 companies. Still, something was missing from his vocational career and he knew that he needed to add a small business to his lifestyle. This would bring a change that not only involved a lot of personal risks, but a good amount of faith as well. And, not just faith in himself. And so he embarked on what would prove to be the most incredible game-changing season of his life. You'll be inspired, motivated, challenged, and moved-to-action by Robert's life-story and how selling on Amazon and eBay pulled his career toward a whole new path of becoming an eCommerce entrepreneur.

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Customer Reviews


Chris Passero on January 4, 2016

Interesting & Inspiring

I really enjoyed reading Roberts' book. It flowed very nicely and the story was inspiring. It was also very practical and realistic in showing what it takes to make it as an online retailer. I am also encouraged by his faith in God and his vulnerability.

I would highly recommend it.


E. Haines on March 22, 2016

I appreciate the honesty.

Many books on the topic of Amazon FBA do not get into the real challenges of attempting to make it a full-time business. The author does a great job of highlighting the pros and cons of FBA. If you are on the fence about using FBA, this book is a good place to start in your decision making process.


Louie The Seller on July 20, 2015

Buy the book and get inspired!

A truly inspirational, honest, book written by someone who I've followed on Youtube from the very beginning. Only a few have been as truthful and transparent as Robert Bagley. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be inspired by a personal journey filled hard decisions, and business success.


Amazon Customer

Nice book ,positive and motivational .very informative .

Positive and motivational .very informative.
Nice and easy pattern .keep it up good job. Looking forward for another book .


Published 13 months ago by kenny beckon

Five Stars

I really learned a lot and appreciated the authors candid summary of his experience selling on Amazon.